YOKKO is the symbol of the purity and the most authentic beauty.

We are among those who believe that we can change the world and that small details make great moments.

YOKKO of Japanese origin connects us with that millenary culture of beauty and tradition. We bet on simplicity focused on sophistication, elegance and the effectiveness of the product. YOKKO makes you feel sensations and emotions. FOR US the products we design are not just beauty products, they are the result of an exciting story in which feelings of excitement, enthusiasm, love for work and professionalism are mixed.

WE UNDERSTAND that each treatment is a unique sensory experience, for this we make an exhaustive selection of fragrances for our products.

WE BELIEVE in the perfection of nature, we are conscious and respectful of the environment. Our knowledge and research for more sustainable formulas with the planet joins the passion and demand in our work. WE ARE COMMITTED and we respect the world in which we live, for this we use ecological, recycled or low environmental impact materials for our packaging.

WE BELIEVE in delicate formulations specially designed with natural active ingredients that respect the hair and skin. We do not use harsh surfactants, ingredients of animal origin and we reduce ingredients derived from petroleum.

WE BELIEVE in the PASSION with which we make Cosmetics and we want to DREAM of you on this exciting journey …

A company that born from a dream

A great passion for the world of beauty and for a job well done. It is the result of self-improvement, personal and professional growth. The origin of our company name is Japanese, we connect with that millenary culture of beauty and relaxation. Just as a broken object is meticulously repaired using the kintsugi technique, for us our client is a jewel of inestimable value that deserves the best. Instead of hiding flaws and scars, these are celebrated as they have now become proof of imperfection and fragility, but also of resilience, the ability to recover, become stronger and more beautiful.

“Individually, we are a drop. Together, we are an ocean”

Ryunosuke Satoro